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Dental Mouthguard & Splint Dulwich Hill

Why get a splint?

Do you think you grind and clench your teeth? Ever wake up with jaw and facial pain. Experience any pain and clicking on the joints between your upper and lower jaw? Then you most likely need a splint. It is an acrylic tray for your mouth to protect your teeth and joints from clenching and grinding. Further clenching and grinding of teeth without any protection can most likely lead to:

  • Deep cracks causing severe pain.
  • Teeth wearing down.
  • Damage and pain to your temporomandibular joint (joint between upper and lower jaw).
  • Pain around facial muscles.

Why are mouthguards important?

If you play a contact sport we can make a mouthguard to protect your teeth from significant trauma. This is important to avoid fracturing your teeth and tooth loss. Also if a tooth is subject to enough trauma the nerve of the nerve can die. If the nerve dies then it would need root canal treatment OR extraction depending on what you decide. After trauma you should see us immediately to get the teeth tested and monitored. If you see any discoloration in your tooth, feel that your tooth is loose or any tooth sensitivity after the trauma you should see us immediately.