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Digital Implants Dulwich Hill

An implant is a fixed prosthesis designed to replace missing teeth. It consists of a metal screw usually made of titanium which is inserted in your jaw. This screw then reacts with your jaw bone and fuses with it to hold it in place. Then a crown is screwed or cemented on top of this implant looking like a normal tooth.

​Normally implant surgery requires opening your gums to access your bone. However, with our state-of-the-art intra-oral scanners and our partnership with DIOnavi, we are able to do digital implants which allow us to achieve flapless surgery! Surgery and invasiveness are reduced while achieving the same result!

​The treatment flow is as follows:

  • Consultation and referral to get a 3D (CBCT) x-ray.
  • Intra-oral scan or impression of the mouth.
  • Go over the plan and design of the implants to get your approval.
  • Proceed with surgery and Implant placement.
  • Crown placement.

​If you feel an implant is the right treatment for you give us a call to book a consultation!